New Mexico


I just posted our pictures of our trip to New Mexico.

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CVC Summer 16

It’s kinda quiet at CVC this summer, but we’re there doing pottery.

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New server

The site has now been moved to a better server. It should be faster and more reliable.

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Olivia had ballet rehearsal for her recital today, and Ulla was there to take pictures. Most of the pictures are of Olivia, but we included a few others we found interesting.

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Olivia came to visit, and as usual, I was there with my camera.

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Road Trip


We recently took a road trip that included Branson, MO and Hot Springs, AR. Pictures are here.

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Eastern Caribbean

I can’t believe I never posted the pictures from our trip to the Caribbean this January. Oh, the pictures have been here on the web site. But you had to know how to get to them. I posted that link on Facebook, but not here. To my travel mates, I apologize. But here they are, finally.

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Back from the Caribbean

We’re back from the Caribbean, and I’m trying to sort the billions and billions of pictures we took. Meanwhile, if you’re one of my cruise buddies, my email address is bill at billhall dot net. I’m putting it that way because spammers have robot programs that try to get email addresses. That will fool them, but you know how to put it. Now, meantime, here’s a teaser from the trip:


And, if you have time on your hands, check out some of my pictures from previous cruises:

Caribbean 2015

Caribbean December 2014


Caribbean 2014


Panama Canal


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Olivia at 5



I’ve published many albums of pictures of Olivia all of her life, but I have a bunch of pictures that have either never been published on this web site or were uploaded to somewhere online. So, now, as of yesterday, she’s 5 years old. In honor of that special event, here’s an album of an excessive number of pictures of Olivia, some of them possibly never seen before. Enjoy them if you wish. If not, move on, there’s nothing here for you. The album is here.


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Caribbean 2015

Another "flying" boat. (c)Bill Hall

I just realized that I have never published the album for our latest cruise to the Caribbean. It’s only been since October 10. Only three months. 🙂 But here it is: Caribbean15.

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